Creating an advertisment that stands out isn’t just slapping on a couple of logo’s and a phone number hoping for the best. Customers want substance, they want to know what you can, and alot of the time, what you can’t/won’t do.

Designing your advertisement, whether it be for a billboard, shop front, vehicle or trailer, the same rules apply to grab attention in a positive light.

FML Design have learned a few tricks over the time that we have been creating advertisements and have seen many instances where companies either have not enough information or way to much information, the font is not legible or the colours are completely wrong overall.

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Finding a synchronous symphony between colour, content, font and size is the 4 key point to develop and amazing advertisement.

Most will push one or two of these more than the other, for example, you may find an advertisement that has an awesome colour and font choice but the sizing and content is under or over done or the colour is great, the content is great, it is just too small and an illegible font.

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So just to complicate things, there are 10 rules to apply to the 4 key areas whilst designing an advertisement, these are (Key points in brackets):

  • Pick a single message (Content)
  • Create a clear call to action
  • Use white space (Sizing, Colour)
  • The 20% rule – No more than 20% of the overall space can include text (Sizing, Content)
  • Clashing Colours (Colour)
  • Coin a character or graphic to be used in all ads (Colour, Content)
  • Simple Typography (Sizing, Font)
  • Give readers something back – ie; giveaways, discounts etc (Content)
  • Use website content – ensure what is in your ad is on your site (Content)
  • Pick images with relativity (Sizing, Content, Colour)

Stick to these 10 rules and work in sync with the 4 key points and you will product an advertisement that will be envied by your competitors. Keep an eye on the changing trends withing the advertising industry, depending on the platform and target audience static advertising (a single image), can sometimes be more effective than video or animation, and vice versa.