FML Design offer many products for dressing up your windows or storefronts. Two of our most popular products are clear window decals and cut vinyl lettering. While both look great on a window, it’s important to understand some major differences in the products. Knowing the differences between these two very similar products can make choosing the material that’s right for you a breeze.

Clear Window Decals
Clear window decals are signs with the design printed directly onto a sheet of clear vinyl media. They are printed as one piece of material, meaning that during installation the sign will be adhered to the window as one piece. Since the design is printed on the clear material, each individual letter or image does not adhere to the window separately.

Because of the fact that there is still clear material on the sign, the sign is known as “optically clear”, meaning the the clear material isn’t visible unless you’re up close to the sign.

Clear window decals can be used both on the inside of the window (readable from the outside) or on the outside of the window.  The type of application of the window decal depends on which side you opt to have the adhesive.


Clear window decals are great for signage, events, product labels, or promo’s

Window decals offer a premium and unique look that is sure to make your graphics stand-out and last longer!


Vinyl Lettering

While very similar in appearance, vinyl lettering has a much different production process than clear window decals. Vinyl lettering is a special adhesive vinyl that is cut directly from a piece of coloured material. Unlike clear window decals which are printed to the exact colour you need, the material for vinyl lettering only is available in certain colours.

Because of this, we are only able to cut vinyl lettering in the fonts and art provided or that is within our library of 20,000 fonts. FML Design can cut anything…we cut logos, different fonts, or special designs from the vinyl lettering.

Because these letters are not printed, they are able to be adhered individually to the window without the clear background that comes with the clear window decals. All of our vinyl lettering comes pre-spaced with application transfer tape over the top that allows for easy installation. Simply install the sign as one piece, then remove the tape.

Your sign will look exactly the same as the approved artwork proof. In other words, you will not need to place or adhere each individual letter to your preferred surface!

Cut graphics are best done in a single colour, however, just ask us what we can do if you would like to cut letters and logos from a specific artwork or background image.

Pricing is based on square meter rates, we do not do single decals…well unless you want to pay for the square meter it is cut from. We will create a print proof of your design so as to give you an accurate indication on the quantity you will receive per square meter as to the size and spacing between your graphics

So you want to start covering all the doors, windows, and walls in your world with superb signs, dazzling decals, and inspirational decor. But you still have many questions about what you need to get up and running quickly. The good news is, it’s easier than you think. Just CONTACT US and one of the design staff will be able to run you through the steps to beatifying your space.