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We at FML Design use the range of 3M Knifeless Tapes to ensure your vehicle is wrapped to perfection, keeping your existing vehicle body paint in tip top condition.

It takes a surgical hand to make perfect cuts to vinyl directly on a vehicle body, and unfortunately, no body is perfect, so when people go to ordinary vinyl installers, they end up with damaged vehicle bodies from the trimming of the vehicle wrap. This can be quite an expensive mistake, particularly on vehicles that are new or have custom paint beneath the wrap.

Knifeless tape technology is designed to cut graphic film without a knife, eliminating the risk of nicks or cuts from a blade on the vehicle or substrate. Knifeless tape combines a carrier tape for application and a visible, high strength filament to cut film. Film placed over the tape is cut by pulling the filament up through the film. A clean cut is made along the length of the applied tape.

Finish vehicle graphic installations without a blade. 3M Knifeless Tape turns easily in any direction to follow contours, curves and edges on vehicles.

  • Easily cuts most vinyl wrap films
  • Patented design turns easily in any direction to follow contours and curves
  • For single or multiple vinyl layer applications
  • Will cut multiple film layers

There are 7 types of Knifeless tapes that can be used depending on your application

  • Finishline – Edge trimming
  • Designline – Intricate designs
  • Triline – Pinstriping
  • Bridgeline – Wide Gap Trimiming
  • Perf Line – Perforated Window Film
  • PPF Line – Clear Protective Film
  • Precision Line – Edge Trimming Tough Films
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No Blade. No Damage. No Worry.


Get a line on trimming

Get a line on trimming.

Our #1 product set the new industry standard for finishing vehicle graphic installations without a blade.

Get a line on bridging gaps

Get a line on bridging gaps.

Create evenly cut graphics bridging from one panel to the next for a professional finish.

Get a line on perforated window films

Get a line on perforated window films.

Easily cut a uniform margin between window graphic and rubber molding.

[nectar_gradient_text heading_tag=”h1″ color=”extra-color-gradient-1″ gradient_direction=”horizontal” text=”Cuts like a knife. Only better.”][nectar_image_with_hotspots image=”7505″ preview=”http://fmldesign.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/a.jpg” color_1=”Accent-Color” hotspot_icon=”plus_sign” tooltip=”hover” tooltip_shadow=”none” animation=”true”][nectar_hotspot left=”87.98449612403101%” top=”26.176514251781473%” position=”top”]3M Finish Line Knifeless Tape Turns easily in any direction to follow contours, curves and edges around the car.[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”40.116279069767444%” top=”34.50489904988123%” position=”top”]3M™ Tri Line Knifeless Tape Create pinstripes, gaps and butt seams that rival using a knife or plotter.[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”77.22868217054264%” top=”40.691805225653205%” position=”top”]3M™ Bridge Line Knifeless Tape Achieve clean and uniform cuts in wide gaps between doors, fenders and more.[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”69.08763323643412%” top=”34.50489904988123%” position=”top”]3M™ Design Line Knifeless Tape Create unique striping, accents and designs with sharp, clean edges.[/nectar_hotspot][nectar_hotspot left=”77.32558139534885%” top=”6.665676959619953%” position=”top”]3M™ Perf Line Knifeless Tape Easily cut a uniform margin between window graphics and rubber moldings.[/nectar_hotspot][/nectar_image_with_hotspots]