As with anything, you get what you pay for...

We have had numerous customers come to us and wonder why vinyl wrapping is priced the way it is, and why there are some companies that can do it for a quarter of the cost of others. There is however a simple explanation, There are really only 2 reasons that vinyl wrap costs change, sometimes quite drastically between companies and comes down to 1: The brand of film used in the application and 2: The way it has been installed.

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The aim is to find a supplier of a good branded film with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to installation, someone that doesn’t shortcut jobs to get them out the door quicker. If they are not removing badges, antennae, door handles, lights, diffusers, spoilers, front,or rear bars, chances are they are doing a short cut install which will look great when its done, but will shorten the life of the film significantly & cause a massive series of issues for you in the long run.

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There are super cheap “eBay Films” and then there are tried and tested, highly conformable, durable and trusted branded films. The top 5 considered arguably the best films on the market are 3M, Avery, Hexis, Arlon & KPMF, with Oracal and ViVVid not far behind. If none of these brands are what is being installed on your vehicle, then it is safe to say your going to have either premature ageing of the film, corner liftage, bubbling, cracking or it will be damn near impossible to remove.

Some installers (even though they are great installers) will install films that have been purchased by the customer on eBay (or somewhere “cheap”) not knowing if the film is a legitimate branded film or a cheap stamped copy (and we have seen plenty getting around).

If your not sure where to purchase branded vinyl films for the right price…well your already here on our site – We can assist with supplying any colour film from the top 5 brands in any amount, from 1 meter lengths to full rolls (22.8 meters – most of the time)

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There are many fantastic installers, and just as many cheap and less than professional ones, and it is hard to tell the difference initially. Some of them have even undertaken courses run by 3M, Avery & Hexis but a piece of paper doesn’t make a good installer. We firmly believe it is the installers that have had extensive experience, not only with wrapping cars, but different types and shapes of vehicles, having hands of a surgeon when it comes to making accurate cuts and the patience of saint in the overall project.

In Australia, I can probably count the spectacular installers we have here on one hand, they are a rare breed, but the best advice I can offer in ensuring you have chosen the right installer is ask around… Go to local car meets, look at who has done some outstanding local vehicles and go have a look at them in person, and do not go by how much they charge!!!

To give you a rough idea – on a standard 4 door medium size sedan pricing would be close to this (pending film used, existing paintwork, aftermarket parts etc):

Rough Prices EX-GST

Cheap and nasty wraps $1000-$1800
Cheap Film – Good Install $1500-$2200
Good Film – Cheap Install – $1900 – $2700
Good Film – Good Install – $3250 – $4250
(This is hard to gauge as it will come down to the company, one may be cheaper on a particular job, but the other may be cheap on the next)

Overpriced Film & or Install – Anything ABOVE $4350
(again based on a basic medium sized 4 door sedan with no added components)

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Keep In Mind That Film Prices Fluctuate

Keeping Your Costs At Bay!

Pending your budget, there are a selection of films that are more expensive than others or need to be installed a certain way meaning much more film is needed. The cheapest films (for the most part) will always be standard Gloss, Matte, Metallic & Satin films – This is followed by textured and printed films which may incur a slightly higher cost on top of the higher price of the film as to the installation. Films such as Brushed Steel need to be installed with the grain running in one direction meaning more film is usually used on an average install. Then your most expensive films are Reflective and Chrome films, which skyrocket with lamination, colouring and/or printing. Chrome vinyl media is easily double the price of standard gloss (if not, slightly more) and just around double the install time, the other downfall of chrome (and a few other films) is the width at which it is able to be purchased being less than the average (1524mm) at 1220mm wide. On some vehicle’s this would mean that wide panels that would normally be covered in one sheet with 1524mm wide, will need to be done in 2 parts with a seam using films 1220mm wide.

[bar color=”extra-color-gradient-1″ title=”Gloss – Matte – Metallic – Satin” percent=”50″][bar color=”extra-color-gradient-1″ title=”Textured – Printed” percent=”65″][bar color=”extra-color-gradient-1″ title=”Reflective – Chrome” percent=”100″]

We hope you found this helpful, and if your still not sure of anything, feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email to clarify any questions you may have


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