Avery Dennison MPI 1105
with DOL 6460 High Gloss

Outstanding printability. Supreme application performance. Extended warranty.

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The next generation digital inkjet print wrapping solution has arrived. Avery Dennison MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS™ cast film and DOL 6460 Premium High Gloss overlaminate combine to provide you with the ultimate performance for all your vehicle wrapping and durable outdoor graphics needs.

Using the very latest in film and adhesive technology, your wraps will stand out from the crowd with high gloss images and colours that pop, install quickly and easily and with improved durability on vehicles roofs, boots and bonnets and backed by the Avery Dennison ICS Warranty and leading local technical and product support.


  • Easy Apply RS™ adhesive system with air egress channels to easily eliminate bubble and wrinkle during application
  • Slides smoothly on surface for exact positioning: RS™ technology stands-off from surface until pressure is applied
  • Low adhesive tack level allows graphics to be repositioned during application
  • Excellent printability on eco-solvent, solvent, latex and UV curable printers
  • Advanced face formulation provides increased colour gamut and consistency
  • StaFlat liner provides easy handling and converting properties
  • Outstanding outdoor durability and performance with DOL 6460 High Gloss
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Dark grey adhesive provides extra opacity for blockout performance
  • Easy removability with heat for up to 5 years with little or no adhesive residue
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MPI 1105 Easy Apply RS™ Key Features:
  • 53 micron high gloss white super conformable cast vinyl film
  • Stunning print quality on all generations of latex, eco-solvent, solvent & UV curable printing platforms
  • Easy Apply RS™ adhesive technology with air-egress, repositionability and slideability
  • Dark grey adhesive for extra hiding power
  • Excellent adhesion strength to vehicle surfaces with long term removability (LTR)
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DOL 6460 High Gloss Key Features:
  • 38 micron high gloss polyurethane overlaminate film with high clarity
  • Increased resistance to scratching, abrasion and stone damage
  • Ultra conformable with superior 3D performance
  • Outstanding UV and heat resistance for outdoor graphics and demanding wrap applications
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