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Mancave Custom

Vinyl Wall Murals

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Vinyl Wall Wrap Film
Premium Printing

Vinyl Wall Murals can say what you want to say in a visually spectacular way, they can serve as a functional showpiece or create an ambience that would otherwise be lost. Let’s face it, not all man caves are created equal, nor are they all just for men.

Whether you’ve got a regal man cave that’s suitable for a throne or a man cave that’s really just a “throne room,”  FML Design can assist in customising that space easily and inexpensively. Large format photographic wall graphics can reflect what you want to promote as far as the usage of the space goes, (a vineyard scene turns your basement into an upscale bar, a Miles Davis Tribute by Jerry Blank turns your bar into a jazz club, etc.) and it can reflect your hobbies and interests instantly. The rest of the family might object to a 12-point buck’s head hanging above the fireplace, but how could they object to one of the classic hunting and dog scenes by artist Walter A. Weber from our National Geographic Collection.

There is really no end to the possibilities, FML Design can cater for everyone from Gamers to Car Enthusiasts, Musicians to Artists, contact us today to discuss your project further.

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If you can dream it, we can help you make it come true. The outstanding reliability, ease of use, and creative latitude of 3M graphic films, wall wrap films and overlaminates gives you the confidence to create stunning, picture-perfect wall graphics and building graphics for just about any surface, including highly-textured materials and bricks. No matter how big or how outrageous the design, you will be wowed and keen for more.

Turn smooth indoor surfaces into works of art with a wide array of graphics available or work one on one with FML Design staff to design your new print. The ability to for you to easily create vivid designs and make unforgettable impressions is at your fingertips. Show us your empty canvas, give us some measurements and we’re good to go.