3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media

What is 3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media Film?

3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media is a newly engineered, product with revolutionary new features better conformability and easier installation. Also new on all gloss films is a Protective Film Layer which helps to reduce surface impressions. This layer can stay on during the entire installation.

How does the conformable film work, and how do they benefit the customer?

The softer and more conformable film will fit better around curves and in channels for a sleek appearance.

Will color availability remain the same?

As colors are introduced for 3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media, they will be phased out for Series 1080. Please ask us to determine if a 1080 color will be available in 2080.

3M 2080 Vinyl Wrapping Gold Coast QLD
3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media Gold Coast Queensland

You’ve always been one to make the bold choice. Align yourself with a leader.

A Protective Film Layer on gloss colors.
3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media stays on during installation then is removed quickly, easily and cleanly after install to reduce surface impressions and scratches.

Unique, conformable film layers.
Provide a better fit around curves and in channels for sleek appearance and easier installation.

An improved warranty.
Gives your customers confidence with up to seven years of protection on vertical applications.

3M 2080 Warranty
3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media Vinyl Wraps Gold Coast

Care for your vehicle graphics like you would any fine paint finish. Using high quality 3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media products designed specifically for car care and these cleaning and maintenance procedures will help keep your 3M vehicle graphics looking their best.

Here is how to look after 3M 2080 Series Vinyl Media

• Wash whenever the car appears dirty. Contaminants allowed to remain on the graphic may be more
difficult to remove during cleaning.
• Rinse off as much dirt and grit as possible with a spray of water.
• Use a wet, non-abrasive detergent such as 3M™ Car Wash Soap 39000 or Meguiar’s NXT Generation® Car Wash or Deep Crystal® Car
Wash and a soft, clean cloth or sponge.
• Rinse thoroughly with clean water. To reduce water spotting, immediately use a silicone squeegee to remove water and finish with a clean
microfiber cloth.

3M does not recommend using wax or other similar coatings on vehicle graphics.