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  • Use it right out of the box, no need to print or apply an overlaminate
  • Manufactured with two color layers for dimensional stability and durability
  • 3.5 mil cast film for easier handling and good conformability and lifting resistance
Top Brands
DIY Projects

CARBON FIBRE: We use only 3 brands of vinyl media films, 3M, Avery & Hexis – Across these 3 brands we have a heap of carbon colours including white, pearl white, black, red, blue, green, yellow, anthracite grey, chrome & gold chrome all of which have a 3D raised texture.

MATTE COLOURS: Create a complete stealth look in just about any colour – Again we only use 3M, Avery & Hexis branded films and comes in a heap of colours including black, light grey, dark grey, military green, apple green, blue, turquoise, red, yellow, orange & silver – get that sleek stealth look and bring out the natural lines of your vehicle.

Create amazing colour combos using the range of matte, matte/metallic and carbon fibre films available. We can formulate the ultimate unique finish on your vehicle – improve and highlight the natural aesthetic lines of your vehicle by covering single panels such as bonnets, roofs, boots etc, or bring a new dimension to your ride by adding some matte colouring and carbon textures to the smaller accents of your vehicle.