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You can cover nearly any surface in your home in any colour or print, from kitchen cupboards and benches through to shower screens and external fixtures

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Redesign and Recolour your vehicle, with 1000’s of colours to choose from, your vehicle will be a completely unique representation of your personality.

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Whether you have a tinny or a super yacht, vinyl wrap media can completely change the look of your vessel, and will be sealed around the edges to ensure durability

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Vehicle Wrap (aka Vehicle Advertising or Wrap Advertising) is an advertisement, design, colour or embossed effect applied to large sheets of adhesive vinyl to fully cover or partially cover the surfaces of vehicle panels.

Wraps provide a platform for higher impact graphics than traditional cut letter vinyl decals, and this can get your vehicle a great deal of attention, give your vehicle a completely different look than a factory finish. For personal use, vinyl wrap can make customisation on your vehicle quicker and cleaner than ever before with the finish looking exactly like paint (if done correctly).

For business wraps, it will increase brand and corporate awareness and the opportunity for a higher return on advertising investment. Wraps also protect original paint finishes, which can increase the resale value of the vehicle after the wrap material is removed

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Simple answer is Yes, a vinyl wrap can be completely removed without damage to the underlying paint works, in saying this, it would depend greatly on the original condition of the underlying paint work as to the result upon removal.

If paint was peeling or chipping prior to applying the Vinyl Wrap, there is a very high possibility that paint will come off during the removal process.

Another point to keep in mind is the age of the Vinyl Film, due to a lower quality material being produced in the past, if the vinyl film is somewhat `old`, it may become extremely difficult to remove due to the film breaking away into small chips.

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Usually a full wrap can be done over a 4 day session, obviously, depending on size and amount of parts needing to be removed to apply the wrap correctly, this can fluctuate between 3 and 5 days.

For a basic 3 day application it is broken up into 3 seperate parts,
1: Removal & reattachement of parts (ie; wing mirrors, lights, badges etc),
2: Thorough cleaning of the entire car body and parts needing to be wrapped with an industrial alcohol solution. (This is an extremely important part of the process, as much as the application, if not more so) and
3: The application of the vinyl film, this is a very careful process where patience and a great eye for detail is required.

Single panels such as the roof, bonnet or boot can be done in roughly an hour to an hour and a half per panel, meaning you can just about get minor things done on a slightly extended lunch break

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This is a very hard question to answer due to the variety of vehicle sizes, shapes and conditions. Full Wraps for a 4 door sedan made in the last 20 years ranges between $2500 to $3500 depending on bodykits, sunroofs, additional accessories, vinyl type (ie; gloss, metallic, carbon fibre, matte, chrome etc).

As each vehicle is different we can give you a more accurate quote from photos of your vehicle and a short summary of what you require.

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This is dependant on the film applied but each have a longevity of 5 to 12 years, the film is also durable enough to protect your vehicle from stone chips and minor abrasions.

Durability is also dependant upon the elements, as with most materials, it does weaken somewhat with a high level of heat.

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Yes, In most cases, having a vinyl wrap applied to your vehicle will help in retaining the value of your vehicle, usually, if it is a fairly new vehicle being wrapped.

When the vinyl begins to deteriorate in 5-12 years, it can be removed to reveal the same/similar paintwork as to how it was when the vinyl film was applied as the vinyl will protect the paint from minor scratches and abrasions as well as sun damage.

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YES,  Vinyl Wraps are road-legal in QLD, We would however, suggest you contact QLD Transport (or your local road authority) to notify them of drastic colour changes (or in the case of a full colour-change). No inspections/charges are required following the application of your new wrap.


*Chrome is currently legal in QLD but heavily frowned upon and could possibly be made illegal in the near future after recent conversations with government departments. For your own protection, please confirm with your local road/traffic authority in writing that your new wrap will not cause any problems and so you have a written statement should a police officer question the colour choice.

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The most important questions and answers as to why Wrap your Vehicle instead of respray with paint!

1) Cost – to change an entire vehicle’s colour with a paint respray is about 2-3 times the price of a Vinyl Wrap

2) Change – If you grow tired of the colour, it is simple for us to remove the wrap and re-wrap in a new colour

3) Time – A standard size car colour change when wrapped takes approx 3 days, a paint respray can take up to a month

4) Removal – Should you wish to return your vehicle back to it’s original colour, our vehicle wrap can be removed without harming your paint work

5) Maintenance – No need to polish, all you need to do is wash your vehicle as normal, no more polishing

6) Vehicle Resale Value – Depending on the vehicle, most vehicles when resprayed a different colour paint can reduce the value of the vehicle

7) Paint Protection – The Vehicle Wrap protects your original paint from stone chips and scratches

8) Durability – We use only the highest quality HEXIS, Avery & 3M products, with inbuilt scratch and stone chip protection, the vinyl wrap is probably the number #1 alternative to getting an expensive, time consuming respray.