3D Acrylic Signs

3D Acrylic Signs

3D Acrylic Signs

See Your World In 3D Acrylic!

Let’s get you started with 3D Acrylic Signs! Our plastics are used as either a shop sign surface or as the text itself in the form of acrylic lettering. Using acrylic as a sign surface is usually chosen as an alternative to glass if glass is deemed too heavy or a safety issue. Acrylic such as Perspex is also commonly used for illuminated signs for night lighting.

A lot of the signs we’re asked to manufacture are usually made with at cut acrylic letters as they’re relatively cheap to make and they’re available in a number of colours and sizes. We’re also frequently asked to produce 3D Acrylic Letters for those who want something that will stand out!

Also known as Built Up Acrylic Letters, the manufacturing process is very similar to the way a 3D Metal Letter is fabricated where the shop sign letters or logo is cut from a single at sheet of acrylic using a CNC router which has a large cutting bed so you get the best results and it allows for extra-large letters and logos to be machined.

3D Acrylic Letters Gold Coast Brisbane QLD McDonalds FML Design
Flush 3D Acrylic Signage Brisbane Gold Coast QLD

We’ll Make Your Logo Pop!

Acrylic lettering is a great method of signage and is widely available in a whole range of colours, sizes and finishes. It also comes in translucent colours which is great for creating lighting effects.

Acrylic lettering is fantastic for displaying a clean, new, modern feel and for providing a splash of colour which brings your sign to life. It’s even possible to use shiny metal-effect Perspex to simulate a range of metals. Because of the advantages of lower costs and maintenance compared to metal, acrylic lettering is used in all kinds of indoor and outdoor signs such as shop front fascias.

Flat acrylic letters and logos can be fitted to many different surfaces providing the surface is clean and grease-free. The surface doesn’t necessarily need to be entirely at, however this does help and ensures the lettering is displayed correctly.

Acrylic Flush Fixing

After the acrylic letter are cnc-cut and polished, a commercial-quality double sided adhesive tape is applied to the reverse side of each letter. Upon installation, the protective film which covers the adhesive tape is removed so the letters can be easily fixed onto the surface. A template is supplied which is placed into position on to the wall which indicates exactly where each letter needs to be positioned.
By using the adhesive tape, it ensures a clean method of fixing and avoids any contact with messy glue. The adhesive tape forms a strong bond between the letters and the wall surface which ensures the letters are firmly fixed for the foreseeable future.

3D Acrylic Letters Gold Coast Brisbane QLD FML Design
3D Acrylic Letters Gold Coast Brisbane QLD

Acrylic Raised Off-Wall Fixing

After the acrylic letters are cnc-cut and polished, a two part wall bracket (known as a locator) is used to
securely x the letters to the wall. The male part of the fixing is fitted onto the reverse side of each letter and the female part of the fixing is fitted onto the surface of the wall with a small screw and wall plug. Upon installation, a paper template is positioned up onto the wall which clearly marks out where all the female fixings need to be positioned. Then, once all the female fixings are in position, the letters with the male fixings pop into place. This method of installation allows for the sign to be moved at a later date (providing the template is kept).

The fixings ensures a strong fixing for the foreseeable future, however for a more permanent fixing, an adhesive can be used to fuse the fixings together so that they can’t be removed. The distance to which the letters are raised from the wall is between 12mm to 25mm depending on which fixing is used. If a greater distance is needed then please contact us where a member of the sales team will be able to advise you on an alternative method.