3D Acrylic Signs

With a massive range of colours and styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. We can vacuum form or manipulate acrylic sheeting to give not only a stand alone cubic 3D effect, but a complete 3D formed object incorporating into the design waves or spherical shapes.

Signage That Pops

Let’s get you started with 3D Acrylic Signs! Our plastics are used as either a signage surface background sheet or the text itself, or a combination of both to form a 3D overlay effect.

Using acrylic as a sign surface is usually chosen as an alternative to glass if glass is deemed too heavy or a safety issue. Acrylic such as Perspex is also commonly used for illuminated signs for night lighting.

Acrylic is light, durable and can be affixed to just about any surface using a bondage liquid or brackets.

Types of 3D Acrylic Signs

Cut & Stick Acrylic Letters

Shapes are cut directly from the coloured sheets and affixed to the wall or surface to create block shape logo images and wording

Back/Front Lit Channeled

Using the same process as the backlit channeled lettering, a semi-transparent acrylic is used for the lettering so as they too illuminate

Cut and Pinned (Raised)

Projecting the 3D cut shapes off the wall giving further depth to the 3D objects by floating each piece a centimetre or 2 off the fixed surface

Inverted CNC Routing

The shape of the logos and the lettering is cut into the sheet . This is a one piece object easily affixed to any wall or surface.

Back-Lit Channeled

Solid Acrylic Lettering with channeled backings to install LED’s are affixed to a clear perspex to give a halo lighting effect

Inverted Multi-layered

This is the same process as the Inverted, however, it is affixed to a backing sheet, usually an offset colour for a 2 layer fabricated sheet.

Playing with plastics

Acrylic lettering is a great method of signage and is widely available in a whole range of colours, sizes and finishes. It also comes in translucent colours which is can create lighting effects.

Acrylic lettering is fantastic for displaying a clean, new, modern feel and for providing a splash of colour which brings your sign to life. It’s even possible to use shiny metal-effect Perspex to simulate a range of metals.

Flat acrylic letters and logos can be fitted to many different surfaces providing the surface is clean and grease-free. The surface doesn’t necessarily need to be entirely at, however this does help and ensures the lettering is displayed correctly.

Creative And Visual Appeal

The allure to your company will heavily revolve around the visual appeal of your premises. We can develop a functional & creatively stunning layout for your building letting both your customers and competitors know you mean business.

All signage requirements will be drafted using state-of-the-art software for you to get a feel for exactly how it will look prior to installation. You can edit and modify the design until satisfied and then we will get to work on making it a reality.

STEP 1: First Draft & Quote

This is a quick scribble by hand, taking measurments and penciling a rough layout to get a base price & project timeline.

STEP 2: Second Draft & Pricing

The design will now go digital, very basic but enough to calculate materials, spacing, and installation formats fairly accurately.

STEP 3: 3rd Draft - Comprehensive

Here’s where we put on all the bells and whistles, turning what used to be a scribble and measurements into a visual masterpiece for approval.

STEP 4: Fabrication & Printing

Where we go to work in house to fabricate everything that needs to be installed and print your graphics on a high-end wide format printer.

STEP 5: The Installation

You will be given a timeline of installation works, this will be separated in a section by section format for larger projects and a basic date range for smaller ones.

STEP 6: Marvel At Your Magnificence

Finally, we will have you inspect the final product and sign off on the completion. All that is left to do now is to sit back and watch your customers & competitors jaws drop.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!!

Ready to dive straight into step 1, or have a question about the structure and possibilities within your project. Fire us an email or give us a call to discuss and arrange a date to meet & measure up.

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