Building Signs

Building Signs

Building Signs

Brilliance in Distinct Signage Solutions!

Building signs are a must have for any business that wants to solidify their presence on their building. Our creative team and installers have the knowledge, technology and design capability to create anything from CNC routed or laser cut lettering through to front and/or rear lit 3D logos, and vinyl graphics through to complete building wraps.

Utilising some of the most amazing products on the market, we can conceptualise a solution that will work hand in hand with your business branding guidelines, building structure and allowances as far as structural and council guidelines are concerned.

We will design a true to life concept drawing of the proposed signage to spec so you can make an informed decision as to whether the concept will full your requirements.

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Audi store sign gold coast QLD

Customised & Creative Effects!

We are as unique and dynamic as the business we represents. Our experienced sign designers work with our customers to create the sign that best reflects their business’ defining qualities.

In order to efficiently match sign style to our customer’s needs, we provide a wide variety of materials with which to create your dimensional letters and logos including, but not limited to:

  • Brushed Aluminum – Brushed aluminum catches the light and resists wear.
  • Copper Finish – Copper, a “warm”-hued metal, imparts a familiar, almost nostalgic air to your sign.
  • Plastic – Plastic can be shaped, moulded, coloured and textured in a multitude of ways.
  • Thermoformed wood – Thermo-formed wood is semi-natural in appearance.
  • Gold – Gold lettering gives your store front a classic elegance reflective of your business.
  • Chrome – Chrome plating on plastic or metal makes your letters shine brightly in a mirror finish.

Each material has its own unique connotation and flexibility of design. When you bring us your ideas for dimensional lettered signs, we can let you know which materials and manufacturing techniques will be the most suitable for achieving their desired look.

Multi-faceted Development & Fabrication!

Whichever material you choose, our Signage Technicians are prepared to use innovative manufacturing processes to make your lettering as visually appealing and memorable as possible. The manufacturing processes employed by FML Design include:

  • Metal Cast
  • Thermoform
  • Molded Plastic
  • Laser Cut
  • CNC Routed
  • Injection Molding

These processes make it possible for us to produce unique metal and plastic lettering & logo signs for businesses around the globe.

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