Indoor Signage Solutions!

ACCESS SIGNAGE – FML Design can ensure you have the right indoor signage for accessibility to cater for those with special needs as well as successfully directing general consumer within public places and facilities. We offer a complete range of access signage, and will be happy to guide you through the process of selecting and placing them in the most ideal locations.

ACRYLIC SIGNAGE – Acrylic is a highly versatile and cost-effective material that can be used to make beautiful, professional-looking signs and lettering. A durable, weather-resistant plastic, it can be worked into many different shapes, and used in conjunction with other materials to create striking designs

DIMENSIONAL LETTERS – These are a great alternative for both internal and external applications such as lobbies, conference rooms, and trade show displays. With a menu of materials including painted foam, acrylic-faced foam, formed plastic, metal letters, and PVC we can and a perfect solution for you.

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Alternatives To Suit Any Interior Design!

DIRECTORY SIGNS – Directories are an essential fixture for oce buildings and large businesses. From an off-the-shelf directory display to a custom one designed and manufactured especially for you, we have the right solution for your facility. We’ll even handle everything needed to keep the directory up to date as time goes by.

BACKLIT SIGNAGE – Perhaps the most popular type of sign around, a backlit sign—also known as a lightbox—is typically an aluminum four-sided box with one or two sign faces. The signs are illuminated or “backlit” by lights within the box. We are experts at creating and installing backlit signs, and are ready to get yours up and running.

LOGO DESIGN – Having the right logo for your company and having it reproduced consistently over time and across different media is important to the brand equity of your business. We can help you achieve the brand recognition your organisation needs through our experience and expertise in logo and trademark design.

MENU BOARDS – Don’t just tell your customers what you have. Show them with a menu board that reflects your restaurant’s flavor. Menu boards can be custom made to fit any application, and are also available ready-made in certain stock sizes and shapes.

Get Creative With Multiple Substrates!

RECEPTION SIGNS – The Reception/Foyer Area of any building is a high trac area and a perfect place to proudly display the name and logo of your company and give visitors a lasting rst impression of your business. Be creative when designing your lobby logo and let your imagination run wild.

SAFETY SIGNAGE – Whether you need to comply with  local/regional safety regulations or simply want to make people aware of a potential hazard, chances are we can custom design, fabricate and install just about anything. Think safety and contact FML Design for your next project.

WALL WRAPS/MURALS – Create a stunning artwork that ties your decor together, create a massive signage piece or just simply plaster your artistic air up for all to see. FML can design, print and install wall graphics and wraps to suit just about any room, creating a whole new dimension within the four walls of your business.

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