Promotional Signs

We can create promotional signs and packages that would suit getting your business seen at any promotional event by utilising a huge series of products designed to get you noticed and keep you at the forefront of your customers minds.

Advertise Yourself Everywhere!

To ensure maximum effect is achieved, we develop your promotional product range around your branding guidelines to instill a fluid transition across all mediums. Is it your first promo event or expo and not sure where to start?

We can give you a simple guide to get you moving in the right direction and work with you to assist in creating a custom designed package that would be suitable for events and promotional projects.

Types Of Promo Signage

Mesh Banners

See through mesh banners can be custom printed and cut to size. We install mounting points to the mesh, sewn in and hemmed for a quality finish. Utilise these on temporary fencing and between pylons.

Custom Displays

We can design and fabricate display centres and pop up shops through to product stands & marketing gimmick projects. We can custom create and develop a plethora of marketing ideas for your next promotion.

Flags & Solid Banners

We custom design and print full size flags, and solid material canvas banners made to order. We also can create tear drop banners and pull-up banners that are free standing or mounted to a wall or object

A Frame Signs

Durable stands that can be used as a single sided flat banner or folded down to a wide bodied stand that can be placed nearly anywhere. We can install post locks for security and finish in vinyl or chalkboard film

Expo & Market Stalls

From the desk to the backdrop, product racks to audio visual components, we can design, fabricate and install award winning expo and market stalls utilising a range of substrates acrylic to vinyl.

Freestanding Signs

Created from manipulated ACM paneling, freestanding signs and be made to order, giving you the freedom to customise the size, shape, structure and finish for a truly unique custom signage solution.

Promote your business using ECO-Friendly Products!

Indoors, outdoor, expos & tradeshows, local events, it doesn’t matter! We’ll design, fabricate and install your promo equipment using the best possible products to suit the event size, weather, and demographic.

Want to promote an eco-friendly company? We can also assist here with using a range of eco-friendly recycled materials in the production of your project. So not only do you, yourself run an eco-friendly company, but you back it up with promoting it with eco-friendly products.

We don’t like doing things the hard way, so we remain flexible to most requests and can draw a line in the sand to assist in creating a solid understanding of the functional design or production possibilities

Unique Custom Design

We love attempting things that haven’t been done before, so feel free to challenge our design crew with your concept!!

Nothing is too hard and we love running with new ideas! Fire it across the table and we will put together a draft for your review prior to heating up the printer and getting started on your project!

Creative And Visual Appeal

The allure to your company will heavily revolve around the visual appeal of your premises. We can develop a functional & creatively stunning layout for your building letting both your customers and competitors know you mean business.

All signage requirements will be drafted using state-of-the-art software for you to get a feel for exactly how it will look prior to installation. You can edit and modify the design until satisfied and then we will get to work on making it a reality.

STEP 1: First Draft & Quote

This is a quick scribble by hand, taking measurments and penciling a rough layout to get a base price & project timeline.

STEP 2: Second Draft & Pricing

The design will now go digital, very basic but enough to calculate materials, spacing, and installation formats fairly accurately.

STEP 3: 3rd Draft - Comprehensive

Here’s where we put on all the bells and whistles, turning what used to be a scribble and measurements into a visual masterpiece for approval.

STEP 4: Fabrication & Printing

Where we go to work in house to fabricate everything that needs to be installed and print your graphics on a high-end wide format printer.

STEP 5: The Installation

You will be given a timeline of installation works, this will be separated in a section by section format for larger projects and a basic date range for smaller ones.

STEP 6: Marvel At Your Magnificence

Finally, we will have you inspect the final product and sign off on the completion. All that is left to do now is to sit back and watch your customers & competitors jaws drop.

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling!!

Ready to dive straight into step 1, or have a question about the structure and possibilities within your project. Fire us an email or give us a call to discuss and arrange a date to meet & measure up.

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